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1 review
Food is great! I ordered online for the free delivery but I felt like I should've tipped the driver more. It was a fair tip but I feel that way since the food was so good and the portions was huge! And it was a stormy night. One bento box fed my 3 kids. I ordered 3 boxes, so now I have lunch for tomorrow . I also ordered miso soup and udon and, wow! Huge portions and was very light a refreshing since my husband and I are feeling under the weather. Now I'm looking forward to dining in in the near future.


1 review
The sashimi and the rainbow roll was so delicious and fresh!!!! I never had a sushi roll without sauce taste so fresh and good. They also followed my instruction correctly while most restaurants dont care about it. Im very happy to find a new place to order from. Also the food was also delivered on time and the driver was very nice. I will definitely come dine in to try more food!


2 reviews
Theres no better way to get sushi at home than with Miso! The tempura is crunchy, the soup still hot, and the fish so fresh! Makes me want to order sushi every time I want to stay home. Love them, their service and their delivery people-so nice. And, it usually comes way earlier than the time allotted. Amazing!


Top Reviewer
Excellent food, on-time delivery. Great restaurant. Will definitely order again. The lemon drop roll was inventive and tasty.


1 review
I've only ordered once, as delivery through Grubhub app, but I liked the food and it was delivered as promised.

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Miso Japanese Restaurant Reviews on Seamless


2 reviews
Food was packaged well and promptly delivered by a friendly delivery guy. Food was delicious and we would definitely order from here again.


Top Reviewer
The 'Lemon Drop' roll is worth every penny.........

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